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Fire – Munster

Case Study 1

Our client policyholders were a couple who had expected to spend their retirement enjoying their hobbies and minding their grandchildren each afternoon after school.  A fire had broken out with the roof space, spreading to the rest of the building causing major damage before being extinguished by the Fire Brigade.

It was clear to us that the Insurer’s response to the loss had caused anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights. The Insurer had attempted to deny the claim based upon their analysis of a particular policy condition.

Our clients decided to place the matter in the hands of Owens McCarthy. Following a review of the policy and technical discussions with the Insurance Company’s representative, we secured an immediate admission that the claim was in fact covered, and that the Insurer would make an urgent payment to their clients to reflect the true position.

Thereafter, the Insurer attempted to reduce the value of the rebuilding claim. We were successful in securing the full cost of reinstatement, to include engineer’s and architect’s fees, alongside the full indemnity value of the damaged contents items and the entirety of the clients’ claim for alternative accommodation.

Lessons Learned:

An Insurer, and their representatives, are quick to rely upon the ‘small print’ in the policy – when it suits them. Thanks to our expertise and experience we were able to prove, quickly, that there was no legal basis for denying this claim.