Theft – Dublin

Domestic Theft Case Study

Our client had accumulated a small number of tasteful jewellery pieces over the years. These were, exclusively, gifts from her late husband. The Insured’s home was broken into whilst she was visiting her daughter in the United Kingdom. The theft was discovered by the client upon her return. It was plain for us to see […]

Escape of Oil – Munster

Domestic Escape of Oil Case Study

The Insured family had noticed a pronounced smell of oil within their kitchen and quickly discovered that their plastic oil tank had cracked, allowing almost 200 litres of home heating oil to leak out. The resultant plume of oil spread out underneath the house. The Policyholders reported the matter to their Insurer who appointed a […]

Escape of Water/Flood – Dublin

Domestic Escape of Water Case Study

The Insured was an immunocompromised woman living by herself. As a result of localised flooding – following heavy rainfall – the sewage system to the property surcharged flooding the whole of the ground floor with foul, dirty water. The representative of the Insurer formed the opinion that the damage could be resolved simply by drying […]

Fire – Leinster

Fire – Leinster

The Insured’s property sustained widespread fire damage, which ultimately resulted in the full demolition of the building, rendering the premise a ‘total loss’. The clients were a young family, who were expecting their third child shortly before the fire occurred. The Insurer attempted to deny the claim, seeking to rely upon what is known as […]

Fire – Munster

Fire - Munster

Our client policyholders were a couple who had expected to spend their retirement enjoying their hobbies and minding their grandchildren each afternoon after school.  A fire had broken out with the roof space, spreading to the rest of the building causing major damage before being extinguished by the Fire Brigade. It was clear to us […]