Why You Need Insurance Experts On Your Side: Lessons from Recent Changes in Policy

Recent shifts in insurance policies have left homeowners grappling with uncertainties and potential vulnerabilities. A recent article from the Irish Independent sheds light on Axa Insurance’s decision to impose restrictions on what it will cover in the event of a claim. As the industry grapples with evolving dynamics, it becomes increasingly crucial for homeowners to understand their coverage and seek expert guidance when navigating the claims process

Empowering Trailblazers: Leading Women Loss Assessors at OMC Claims

Discover the inspiring journeys of Tara, Catherine, and Karol at OMC Claims as they redefine success in the male-dominated world of loss assessment. From breaking barriers to showcasing resilience and expertise, their stories are celebrated on International Women’s Day 2024, offering inspiration for the transformative impact of women in challenging industries

Navigating a Burst Pipe

Dealing with a burst pipe during freezing conditions can undoubtedly be a very challenging experience. However, by approaching the situation systematically and being proactive, you can alleviate much of the stress and financial burden. Immediate action, thorough documentation, and collaboration with professionals who are #OnYourSide are key to navigating the aftermath of a burst pipe with greater confidence and resilience.

When do I need a Loss Assessor?

OMC History, OMC Claims

I’ve been with OMC Claims for just over a year now, and one thing that’s really grabbed my attention is how vital loss assessors are when regular people up and down the country face unexpected disasters. The big question I faced in 2023 is: “When do I need a Loss Assessor?” Home Insurance: Breaking It […]

Navigating the Aftermath:

Experiencing the traumatic event of burglary, theft, or larceny can leave victims feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. At OMC Claims, we understand the profound impact of such crimes on individuals and businesses, both financially and emotionally. That’s why our team of regulated Public Loss Assessors is here to support you throughout the entire insurance claims process.

Underreported Causes of Fire – BBQ Safety

Ensure Safety and Protect Your Property with OMC Claims, Ireland’s Premier Loss Assessors With the sun gracing us with its presence, more and more people in towns and cities across Ireland are venturing outdoors. The tantalising aroma of burgers in Borrisokane and sausages in Salthill wafting over fences has transformed ordinary individuals into aspiring Jamie […]