Commercial Insurance Claims

Even the most successful businesses can be irreparably damaged by a fire, flood, water damage or the like. Insurers will appoint a team of experts to scrutinise your business to check that you were adequately insured and have met all the conditions of your policy. They could even repudiate your claim.

At OMC Claims, operating throughout Ireland, we will help you to minimise the impact on your business and obtain adequate and proper compensation, ensuring that all entitlements of your insurance policy are fulfilled. We will create the foundation from which your insurance claim will be built and protect your entitlements to get the best settlement possible for your business.

Founded in 1985 (formerly known as Owens McCarthy), we have vast experience and a diverse team with deep subject matter expertise, which is essential when dealing with commercial claims, which very often can be very complex with large sums at stake.   

Why choose OMC Claims?