Escape of Water Insurance Claim

Escapes of water are the number one cause of insurance claims. Most people will still refer to them as ‘burst pipes’ although very often the water can be leaking from a variety of apparatuses, often with devastating consequences for your property and business. Not all leaks are the same and many commercial insurance policies have ‘small print’ that creates exclusions. It is vital that the insurance policy, the terms and conditions and any endorsements, are expertly scrutinised and understood before any interaction with the Insurer. This is one of the reasons that our clients consistently achieve better insurance claim settlements with our representation compared with unrepresented policyholders. At OMC Claims, operating throughout Ireland  We are expert at handling these ‘Escape of Water‘ or burst pipe insurance claims and helping our clients to recover their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring that all entitlements of their insurance policy are fulfilled.

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