Faulty Tectite Fittings Insurance Claim

Faulty Tectite Fittings Claim

Welcome to our advisory guide for claimants who have suffered property damage due to faulty plumbing fittings from a manufacturer based in the UK. We understand the challenges and stress that can arise from such incidents, and our team at OMC Claims is here to provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the claims process. This comprehensive resource will equip you with the necessary information to navigate your claim effectively and maximise your chances of a successful outcome.

From time-to-time we are engaged by and assist homeowners whose property has been damaged as a result of faulty/leaking plumbing fittings, manufactured by Tectite in the United Kingdom.

Typical Symptoms

The faulty batches of Tectite Fittings were manufactured around 2012-13 and involve the deterioration of the “O-ring” within the fitting on the hot water pipes caused by expansion and contraction. This has resulted in multiple intermittent leaks in fittings while they are expanding and contracting. Some houses were built entirely using such fittings and sometimes it was an extension or renovation that took place and the faulty fittings were only used in the extended part of the property.

Pursuing the Manufacturer

Instead of making a claim on the homeowner’s insurance, we pursue the manufacturer directly, seeking compensation in respect of: (1) the removal and replacement of the faulty fittings; (2) the cost of remedial works associated with the renewal of the fittings and (3) a sum of money reflective of additional costs incurred as a result of leaking pipework/fittings.

Proving the Claim

Typically, as part of the process of proving the cause of the loss – and thus establishing a liability – samples of the fittings need to be carefully removed, stored safely and transported to the United Kingdom for testing. We can issue the appropriate directions to your own plumber to ensure that the appropriate process is followed and to protect your legal entitlements properly.

Every Case is Different

No two claims are entirely alike and we specialise on applying our focus to your particular circumstances and the nature of the loss at hand. Nevertheless, experience tells us that more often than not these leaking fittings are hidden below flooring, within walls, behind built-in kitchen and bathroom units, and above ceilings between ground and first floor levels.

Indemnity from manufacturer

The works that are required to expose and replace the fittings is considerable, disruptive and costly. Should the whole property be plumbed with these fittings, which is often the case, the house will be uninhabitable whilst the works are being carried out. The cost of alternative accommodation will also form part of the claim issued to the manufacturer.

Professional Representation

The entire OMC Claims organisation is on your side. Professional, regulated loss assessors have specialised knowledge and experience of claims processes. We understand the intricate details and we will navigate through the complex claim and legal language, ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation that you are entitled-to. Events such as these can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with property damage. We are experts at relieving you of the burden and ensuring that your claim is filed correctly and promptly. On acceptance of policy liability our fees will also be included as part of the indemnity provided by the manufacturer.

To begin protecting your interests and moving quickly to resolve the problem, please call us on: 1800 29 39 40 or email us on: info@omcclaims.ie

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