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Celebrating Tara, Karol, and Catherine

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, three remarkable women have emerged as pioneers, reshaping the narrative and breaking barriers. On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate Tara, Karol, and Catherine– the dynamic trio of women loss assessors at OMC Claims who have defied stereotypes, inspiring a new generation of professionals.

Tara Eastwood Lyons

Tara, a qualified solicitor, is a true cause for celebration in her professional journey. Starting off in the world of commercial litigation, she quickly dove into the dynamic field of insurance, handling various litigation matters. Tara’s commitment to excellence led her to pursue an MSc in Quantity Surveying, and she proudly earned her stripes as a Certified Insurance Practitioner (CIP). Spending four impactful years in Dublin, she seamlessly blended her legal know-how to become a seasoned insurance loss assessor. Beyond her professional ventures, Tara adds another layer to her vibrant life as a farmer in the scenic landscapes of the West of Ireland. Her unique blend of legal expertise and practical agricultural pursuits is a jubilant testament to her adaptability and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Karol Gregan

In a remarkable triumph within a traditionally male-dominated domain, Karol emerges as a celebration of expertise and achievement. With fourteen years of navigating claims management with major insurers, her tenure at OMC Claims since 2014 is marked by consistent excellence across household, agricultural, and commercial sectors. Notably, Karol played a pivotal role in negotiating settlements for policyholders grappling with business interruption claims during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Beyond showcasing strategic prowess, her achievements underscore resilience and success in breaking barriers within this challenging industry.

Catherine Cox

Catherine, armed with a wealth of experience, stands as a true trailblazer in an industry that has often overlooked female talent. Joining OMC Claims in 2016 after an impressive fifteen-year career as a Loss Adjuster with Ireland’s leading firm, she seamlessly transitioned into her role as a Loss Assessor. Catherine now takes the lead, representing policyholder interests with unparalleled expertise in settling challenging and complex claims, both commercially and domestically. Her journey is a jubilant celebration, breaking barriers and reshaping the narrative around gender roles within the insurance industry.

International Women’s Day 2024

On International Women’s Day 2024, we collectively applaud Tara, Karol, and Catherine – the formidable trio of women who have reshaped the landscape of loss assessing at OMC Claims. Tara’s multifaceted journey from a qualified solicitor to a skilled Loss Assessor symbolises resilience and adaptability. Catherine’s trailblazing transition from a prominent Loss Adjuster to a distinguished Loss Assessor exemplifies expertise breaking barriers. Karol’s deep sectoral knowledge and inclusive approach have elevated the industry’s standards. Together, they embody the strength, determination, and excellence that women bring to the forefront of traditionally male-dominated fields. Their achievements inspire us not only on this International Women’s Day but every day, urging us to champion diversity and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of women in every sphere.