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We are thrilled to share some amazing feedback that we recently received via email to our MD, John O’Donoghue, from a satisfied client. While we will be keeping the client’s name and our assessor’s name confidential for privacy reasons, we are still excited to share their positive experience with our services…

As Ireland’s leading Loss Assessors, we take great pride in providing exceptional service to our clients. It is always gratifying to receive feedback that confirms we are meeting our clients’ expectations. In this particular case, our client was very pleased with the professionalism, expertise, and efficiency demonstrated by our team throughout their insurance claim process.

“I’m writing to your manager”

I have not met you, but judging by the staff you have employed, you must be a decent guy. Thank you so much for having the most amazing person on your team being “Mr OMC”. 

I have to admit we had not heard of your company but when my parents faced a huge Trauma where their home was completely destroyed by a leak, I flew back from Australia on New Years Eve and went through my Dads phone for a plumber. The plumber came and said you need this guy, which was “Mr OMC”…

He said Mr OMC will sort you out. Mr. OMC. has the best reputation in Ireland, and gets stuff done . Dad called Mr. OMC. Mr OMC, was empathic, genuine and just so nice, but what I also liked was Mr. OMC set us up for the ruthlessness and the crap we were about to face, he was so caring saying this is not going to be an easy ride “we love Mr. OMC for that, ‘cos it hasn’t been”.

Mr. OMC arrived with beautiful energy, yet also was so realistic about the hard questions we would be asked by the insurance guy, but with Mr. OMC on our side it was so ok, yet my 70 year old parents’ house had fallen around them, and trying to keep it all together but Mr OMC was like this angel and Mr. OMC said look it’s going to be at least 6 months before this home is habitable. I absolutely loved his transparency, but also how he made my parents feel so loved and cared for in a time of trauma, that feeling you can’t buy.

Mr. OMC is so intuitive. My mum was beside herself and so was my dad… I don’t know how he makes clients feel like they are his only clients but he does. Even if Mr OMC reads a message, he acknowledges it, and says I will Respond shortly.

Just wanted to share this, and I am sure you see the value in MR OMC that we do.

Exceptional Service and Heartfelt Praise: A Testimony to Our Commitment to Clients

Receiving positive feedback from satisfied clients is a testament to the exceptional service we strive for at OMC Claims. We are honored to have received such heartfelt words of praise for one of our loss assessors who went above and beyond to assist a family in need during a traumatic time. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the highest level of service, expertise, and professionalism, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so. We know that awareness of Loss Assessing in Ireland is growing because of positive experiences like this one and we thank our clients for sharing their experience with us and look forward to continuing to serve them in the future.

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