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How OMC Claims Supports Victims of Burglary.

Burglary. Theft. Larceny. In lay terms these all mean the same thing to the victim: that someone else has stolen their property. 

Of course, crime affects everyone differently. In fact, our experience as Loss Assessors shows us that the loss of property itself is not the only trauma caused by these events. Our clients sometimes feel, immediately, very strongly affected by what has happened. Alternatively, the sense of shock might take some time to develop. Everyone is different and there are no rules about what you ‘should’ feel and how you ‘should’ cope. 

The summer months tend to see an increase in burglaries across Ireland

We are acutely aware that theft of personal (& business) property can trigger emotional responses such as shock, fear, loss of confidence, anxiety, anger, and sadness. We have real-world experience showing us that these emotions can even manifest themselves as physical symptoms, such as headaches, disturbed sleep and loss of appetite. 

In this context, the very last thing that any policyholder either wants or needs is to have to worry about the reporting, presentation, negotiation and settlement of the accompanying insurance claim. There may be complicated policy conditions, limits and dense policy wordings to wade through. 

This is where the expert, technical representation and advice provided by a regulated Public Loss Assessor can provide a platform for recovery – not only of the value of the property – but also creating the space to recover mentally and emotionally. 

How will OMC Claims navigate a route through your Theft Claim?

Initial Assessment: 

Loss assessors can assess the extent of the theft loss and help claimants understand the coverage and compensation they may be entitled to under their insurance policy.

Policy Review:

Our experienced claim professionals will review your policy cover and wordings, pointing out for you any limits, conditions and exclusions that might apply. This helps claimants to understand the breadth of the coverage provided and what the likely best outcome will be.

Documentation and Evidence: 

We assist our clients in gathering the necessary documentation and evidence to support their claim. This may include Garda reports, photographs of the stolen items, receipts, and any other relevant documentation.

Claim Preparation: 

We will prepare and present the theft claim to the insurance company. We ensure that all the necessary information is included, maximising the likelihood of a successful claim outcome.

Negotiation with the Insurance Company: 

Don’t forget: Loss adjusters act on behalf of the Insurance Company. Loss Assessors, i.e. OMC Claims are on Your side. We act on behalf of the claimant and advocate for a fair settlement based on the policy terms and the actual value of the stolen items.

Loss Valuation: 

Regulated Public Loss Assessors assess the value of the stolen items, and where appropriate take into account factors like appreciation, market value, and replacement costs. This ensures that claimants receive appropriate compensation for their loss.

Rebuilding and Restoration: 

If the burglary resulted in damage to the property, OMC Claims can assist in compiling, presenting and negotiating a ‘buildings’ reinstatement claim. We will liaise with your contractors and ensure that the necessary repairs are costed promptly in line with current building regulations.

Timely Resolution: 

Our claims professionals know that you want a focus on expediting the claims process, minimising delays and ensuring that the claim is resolved in a timely manner. We encourage swift responses from the insurance company, provide relevant updates for our clients, and address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Restoring Security and Peace of Mind: OMC Claims – Your Trusted Partner for Burglary and Theft Insurance Claims

If you find yourself as a victim of burglary, theft, or larceny, the emotional toll and complexity of dealing with an insurance claim can be overwhelming. At OMC Claims we understand the profound impact these events have on individuals and businesses, both mentally and financially. With our expertise as regulated Public Loss Assessors, OMC Claims offers a guiding hand throughout the entire claims process. From assessing the extent of the loss and reviewing your policy to preparing and negotiating your claim, we are on your side. Our support not only helps you recover the value of your property but also creates space for emotional healing. If you’re facing the aftermath of such a crime, don’t hesitate to reach out to OMC Claims for expert assistance and a compassionate approach.

We are available now on 1800 29 39 40 and we have someone local to you ready to represent you.