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Baby, it’s cold outside!

We continue to experience successive days of zero and sub-zero temperatures across the country. Here at OMC Claims, we are starting to see the annual uptick in the number of ‘burst’ pipe claims. These are being reported to our Claims Centre by insurance brokers and directly by policyholders with a higher frequency than in previous years.

True ‘bursts‘ are relatively rare. Standard ‘leaking’ pipes account for the majority of claims during this type of weather event. Both of which are covered by the overwhelming majority of domestic and commercial insurance policies.

Here at the back end of 2022, the cost of heating our homes and businesses has reached record levels. Something we are all aware of all too well. This is causing people to make difficult decisions with regard to their household or commercial budgets. Policies can have hidden or obscure conditions, warranties and exclusions, amongst other pitfalls.

Instead of taking a chance and reporting claims to the Insurer, pause and consider professional claims advice from regulated Loss Assessing experts. With Nationwide reach, we are ready to respond immediately. Let OMC Claims help to take the anxiety and uncertainty out of the claim process.

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