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When it comes to insurance, are you truly prepared for the unexpected?

In Ireland, we often secure insurance coverage for two fundamental reasons. First, there’s the necessity of coverage, as with mandatory Motor Insurance. Second, insurance offers a safety net, a way to transfer risk for assets like homes, businesses, and health. Whether safeguarding your home against fire, flood, and storm damage, or ensuring your business against property damage and interruption, insurance provides peace of mind.

However, the real test of insurance arrives when disaster strikes. Suddenly, the policy you purchased becomes your lifeline, promising to support you through the unforeseen event that has shaken your world.

At times like these, assurance is paramount. This is where the role of claims handlers and loss adjusters comes into play. These experts delve into the nitty-gritty of your policy, assessing the circumstances and determining the extent of coverage. Yet, even with their help, policyholders can find themselves in a vulnerable position, grappling with uncertainties and pivotal decisions amidst the chaos.

Enter our mission at OMC Claims. With over two decades of experience as professional loss assessors, we know the unique challenges policyholders face during these testing times. For many, navigating the claims process is uncharted territory, and submitting repair estimates can feel daunting and confusing. What may seem restorable now might deteriorate later, leading to overlooked claims. Sourcing contractors and necessary paperwork can cause delays, extending the period of distress.

The Four Culprits: Fire, Water, Oil, and Subsidence

The most pervasive sources of damage—fire, water, oil, and subsidence—each require a specialised approach to evaluation. As seasoned loss assessors, we possess the expertise to unravel the complexity of these damages. Drawing from years of experience, we’ve honed the ability to determine the true extent of harm even when it’s not immediately apparent.

Our commitment goes beyond technical expertise. Our tagline, “On Your Side”, embodies our dedication to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with policyholders. We recognize the emotional turmoil that accompanies such crises, and we offer a compassionate ear and empathetic guidance. From clarifying the claims process to recommending specialised experts, we’re here to advocate for you, ensuring you’re never alone on this journey.

Our Approach: Assess, Compile, Negotiate, Settle

Our team comprises qualified insurance professionals who understand policy intricacies inside-out. We seamlessly blend empathy with practicality, meticulously capturing damage details. When inspecting fire-damaged properties, we painstakingly catalog every affected area, salvaging critical information about damaged items. By investing time in understanding your needs, we provide comprehensive support, including documentation, costing, and submission of detailed claims.

Crucially, our alliance isn’t limited to policyholders alone. We stand as staunch allies for Insurance Brokers, especially in an era where accessing claims support can be challenging. Unlike claims department staff or biased adjusters, we offer impartial advice, aligned with policy coverage.

Navigating an Evolving Landscape

The dynamic insurance landscape, marked by mergers and acquisitions, has its implications. Brokerage firms experience staffing challenges, potentially impacting claims service consistency. Here, loss assessors step in as unwavering partners, immersed in the claims domain. We bridge the gap, ensuring a consistent, high-quality claims experience for your clients. Outsourcing claims response streamlines the process, guaranteeing faster settlements and heightened satisfaction, ultimately reflecting positively on your brokerage and the industry at large.

At OMC Claims, we pride ourselves on being “on your side.” As consumer advocates, we’re here to navigate the complexity, the uncertainty, and the challenges. When disaster strikes, remember that you’re not alone—we’re here to ensure your interests are protected every step of the way.

Jim Flannery OMC Claims

Jim joined OMC in May 2023 as Brand Ambassador

He has specialised in Loss Assessing since 1999, as a Director of Balcombes Claims Management and before that worked for Irish National/Eagle Star/Zurich Insurance since 1980. He has extensive knowledge of policy wordings and has a deep understanding of insurance policy cover and claims processes.