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When it comes to handling insurance claims, the process can be overwhelming and confusing for many. However, there is a way to make this journey smoother and more successful – by having the right professionals #OnYourSide. In this article, we sat down with Darragh Killoran, an experienced insurance broker at PIB Campion-Wicklow (formerly Sheridan Colohan), to learn about his collaboration with Karol Gregan from OMC Claims, and how this partnership has proven beneficial for their clients.

Darragh Killoran on a rare day off in action in the RDS

Darragh’s Journey in the Insurance Industry

Darragh Killoran’s insurance career began in 2006 with FBD, where he honed his skills and understood the value of putting customers first. Later, he joined Arachas, focusing on developing the Farm book and expanding into Commercial Insurance based on client recommendations and a strong customer-centric approach. In 2018, he joined Sheridan-Colohan. Here he built a solid commercial account in the charming town of Wicklow. Recently, the company was acquired by PIB, ushering in exciting changes with new markets and an experienced leadership team to support their efforts in providing comprehensive and competitive insurance solutions to their customers.

The Benefits of Working with Karol and OMC Claims

Collaborating with Karol Gregan of OMC Claims has been a game-changer for Darragh when handling insurance claims. Together, Sheridan Colohan Insurance and OMC Claims have achieved numerous successful outcomes for clients. A notable example was the seamless resolution of a complex property damage claim, involving extensive negotiations with the insurance company. Karol’s expertise and determination led to a satisfactory settlement, relieving the client of unnecessary stress and hassle. Darragh vouches for Karol’s negotiation skills, which are unmatched and always exceed expectations.

Karol’s Unique Qualities and Areas of Expertise

What sets Karol apart in the insurance claims industry are her exceptional qualities and areas of expertise. Firstly, her excellent communication skills and empathetic approach make clients feel at ease during the often stressful claims process. Karol ensures that clients are well-informed at every step, providing transparency and clarity throughout. Her deep understanding of insurance policies and claim assessments allows her to efficiently navigate complex cases, bringing about successful resolutions even in the face of challenges. Moreover, Karol possesses a unique ability to satisfy clients, making their insurance and claim experience as pleasant as possible. At the same time, she maintains positive relationships with insurers and loss adjusters, a crucial aspect that can sometimes be overlooked.

Darragh Killoran’s experience with Karol Gregan and OMC Claims exemplifies how having the right professionals on your side can significantly enhance the insurance claims process. With her exceptional skills and expertise, Karol proves to be a valuable asset, ensuring clients receive the support they need and deserve during difficult times.

Karol had handled claims for every major insurer during her fourteen-year loss adjusting career, before joining OMC Claims in 2014. Karol represents her clients interests throughout the household, agricultural and commercial spheres, delivering consistently superb results. Karol forms part of a nationwide team of client advocates. To talk to your local OMC Claims person call us on 1800 29 39 40

Karol Gregan of OMC Claims and Darragh Killoran, Campion Insurance Wicklow.